JLA Consulting Psycho-Legal Services


Luke Armstrong and the JLA Team continue to provide comprehensive psychological assessment and review services.  We are now offering our expert clinical experience in the legal sector.  Our evaluations include semi structured clinical interviews based on a psychiatric, evidenced based framework.  Reports provide the legal team with a situation and historical context to their client developmental and forensic histories.

To ensure objectivity our consultants also utilise standardised, psychometric tests of cognitive and personality functioning. Luke has administered over 3000 tests of cognitive and personality functioning alone.

Luke also runs the MASC Alcohol and Drug Program (Copyright 2008) that he successfully introduced into the Odyssey House Residential Program in 2012.  Research evaluating the MASC Program suggests that residents stay longer and display significant reductions in drug and crime related behaviours after completing the treatment program.  MASC has been successfully trialed within a residential setting and can be adapted for use in an outpatient, psycho-legal setting.  MASC continues to be implemented as a 5-8 week Drug Treatment Program.  JLA is now able to provide MASC exclusively to clients referred by their legal counsel if requested.

We can also report to court on request or instruction from client legal counsel, in person or via a written treatment report.

JLA Consulting Psychologists are located next door to the legal precinct of Melbourne.  Our office is located at 'The Block Arcade', Suite 328, Level 3, 282 Collins Street Melbourne.  Luke can be contacted directly on 0418255750 for a confidential discussion.