JLA Consulting Psychologists is a small team of psychologists with big ideas.

There are two main specialist areas of operation under the JLA name. One is specialist psycho-legal services, the second is the evidenced based program ‘Motivating Affect Self Control’ – MASC. 

Psycho-Legal Services

Luke Armstrong and his consultants now provide comprehensive psychological reports and related services for clients who have been charged with a drug and alcohol related offences.   Our evaluations include a comprehensive, semi-structured clinical interview providing situation and context, as well as the administration of standardised measures of cognitive functioning and personality.  The report summary provides a diagnosis (if applicable), an evidence base to context and situation, as well as recommendations for treatment if required.   Our experience allows us to provide a psychological evaluation within a week of referral if required.

JLA Consulting Psychologists are also able to provide ongoing evaluation, including psychometric evaluation for the purpose of court proceedings and court review.

The MASC program has been successfully trialled and continues to be implemented as a 6-7 week program within a well recognised treatment setting.  JLA is able to provide the MASC program exclusively to clients referred by their legal counsel.

Depending on the individual needs of clients, or at request of their legal counsel clients can be seen multiple times for the purpose of evaluation and outpatient treatment.  Clients would participate in the MASC program at least weekly.    Ongoing liason with the client’s medical practioner is part of this service. 

Luke would report to court as per instruction from the client’s legal counsel, in person or via a written report at the end of a predefined period.  If you would like to discuss this further you can call Luke directly on 0418255750 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In the case of regional referrals, if your client is unable to travel to Melbourne Luke is able to travel throughout Victoria and interstate and can complete his psychological reports at your office or arrange an alternative office location on request.

The MASC Program

JLA Director Jennifer Armstrong has written the therapeutic program entitled ‘Motivating Affect Self Control – MASC’ which has been incorporated into the Odyssey House Victoria residential experience and is currently changing the way individuals ‘do’ rehabilitation.  Within the first year of MASC’s introduction, statistically significant improvements in retention were achieved. Quantitative Research using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality-2 to evaluate the program also suggests that residents who participate in the program display significant reductions in drug and crime related beliefs and/or behaviours after completing the MASC Program.

JLA Consulting Psychologists are now offering training in the MASC program, not only for rehabilitation from addiction but for any individual or organisation looking to improve their understanding of the implications of our emotional life experience, including trauma.

"As things stand now, the amygdala has a greater influence on the 
cortex than the cortex has on the amygdala, allowing emotional 
arousal to dominate and control thinking. Throughout the mammals,
 pathways from the amygdala to the cortex overshadow the pathways 
from the cortex to the amygdala. Although thoughts can easily trigger
 emotions (by activating the amygdala), we are not very effective at
 wilfully turning off emotions (by deactivating the amygdala). Telling 
yourself that you should not be anxious or depressed does not help 
much' (LeDoux, 1988, p.303).